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Paris—From History to Fashion….

Exhilarating Trip to France’s Heartthrob

From the historic lanes of Place de la Bastille to witnessing the trend-setters look of Faubourg Saint-Honoré and from viewing breathtakingly at the mammoth Eiffel Tower to a leisure-full cruise ride in River Seine, be with us for a kaleidoscopic tour of “The City of Lights”. Considered as a significant settlement for a period of more than two millennia, Paris proudly stands today as a great cultural, art and fashion centre. From being the capital city of France to one of the leading business and technological destinations of the world, this exotic city of Europe is the one where rhythm never stops.

The Legacy Holder of France: Whether it is politics, culture or architecture, Paris showcases itself as the true legacy holder of France beauty and ethnicity. From entertainment to traditional culinary delights and from historical landmarks to modern skyscrapers, catch the magnetism that makes it an epitome for other cities. For business entrepreneurs, Paris is one of the main economic hubs of Europe. The city acts as the manufacturing powerhouse of Europe in the automobiles, aeronautics and electronics sectors. In short, the allure of this French beauty is the manifestation of traditional and contemporary fusion.

Fashion Hub of the World: Worldwide famed as “The Fashion City” of the world, Paris is mainly loved by people, especially by youths, for its glamorous and glittering look. The craze for being trendy and fashionable can be easily understood from the popularity of “Paris Fashion Week”. Besides this, the city is home of several luxury brand labels, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes and Christian Lacroix. A visit to Place de la Concorde, Avenue Montaigne, Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Avenue de l’Opéra for fashion lovers is definitely worthy.

A Taste to Savor: French cuisine is one of the most popular table delights in the worldwide dinning scenario but enjoying the flavors in authentic style within the capital city region is something that no one wants to miss. Whether you want to catch a quick bite in busy work schedule or want to take your beloved on a surprise dinning treat, the diversity of French culinary offerings along with several other international cuisines will definitely win your hearts.

Rock at the Night: This glamorous city looks more stunning with the approach of darkness. It is worldwide popular that Paris has one of the most beautiful nightlife among several global cities. Breathtaking light views all over the city enhanced the enjoyment of nightlife to many folds. Simply savor French wines quietly in a bar or move your dancing feet on the rhythm of rocking music or have a wonderful gourmet treat with your beloved under the stars and water beneath your feet, life and fun in Paris never stops.

Ultimate Stopover to Sojourn: Paris accommodation is considered as one of the finest in world’s hospitality sector. Thanks to its world-class hotels. Whatever is your purpose of visiting Paris and whatever is your duration of stay, you will easily find a plethora of Paris hotels in every area of the city. From luxury to boutique and from budget to bed and breakfast, hotels in Paris include both renowned brand properties and individual hotels. Whatever is your choice, each accommodation address perfectly provides an ultimate stopover to sojourn.

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